1) In Australia, CeCe finds out more about the plight of the Aboriginal people. Can you see how their culture has developed from Kitty’s time to CeCe’s time?

2) Do you think that Ace’s father David Rutter should stand trial for his actions, or that he will ‘get what’s coming to him’ with the Roseate Pearl, as CeCe predicts.

3) Many of the characters in ‘The Pearl Sister’ have more than one racial and national identity, such as CeCe, Ace, and Francis. How do they come to terms with their identities?

4) In the Outback, CeCe rediscovers her passion for painting. Have you ever lost a passion and rediscovered it? What was the trigger?

5) In ‘The Pearl Sister’, many family members are reunited – Camira with her grandson Francis, and Kitty and her half-brother Ralph. Do you believe that kin recognises kin? Is there a special bond between blood relatives even if they have never met before?

6) Both CeCe and Ace have alternative mothers in Ma and Linda. How else does ‘The Pearl Sister’ approach the concept of motherhood? How many different forms of parenting are described?

7) There is a hidden plotline running throughout the Seven Sisters series. Did you spot any clues as to #WhoIsPaSalt?

8) CeCe finds many references to the Seven Sisters myths in her journey through Australia. How do you think this was woven throughout the story, compared to other instalments of the Seven Sisters series?

9) At the end of the story, CeCe and Star discover that they are actually third cousins – do you believe that Pa Salt knew this? How did you feel about this ending?