Bookclub Questions for ‘The Italian Girl’

1) This is a book originally written in 1996. It has been rewritten in parts and updated – how would you describe the differences between this book and Lucinda’s later books written since 2010?

2) Rosanna’s sister, Carlotta, makes some difficult decisions regarding Ella. Was it right for her not to involve Ella’s father?

3) Do you think the relationship between Roberto and Rosanna was always doomed due to his infidelity? Is it possible that a man like Roberto can ever change and become a faithful husband? How much do you believe his infidelity has to do with his fame?

4) Is it probable that a man and a woman who are creating or performing something artistic together will become romantically involved?

5) Ella appears to inherit her singing voice from both her aunt, Rosanna, and her father, Roberto. Would you agree that talents are passed down through the genes?

6) Luca sacrifices his own dreams to look after his father when he is widowed. Was it the right decision to do this instead of following his own path?

7) The relationship between Luca and Abby is complex and the reader is under the assumption for most of the book that he is a gay. Do you think this was the author’s intention when writing Luca?

8) Do you think it’s justified that Luca blackmails Donatella despite his strong religious beliefs, in order to protect his family?

9) Rosanna’s decision to leave Stephen for Roberto despite Roberto’s behaviour over many years suggests that a strong, powerful love can bring out the worst in you. Would you agree?